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Most of us intuitively know what healthy choices are. We have read books and articles about what to eat to lose weight healthily and how much we need to exercise. We know that an apple is a better choice than apple pie, that water is a better choice than coca cola and that grilled fish is a better choice than battered and deep fried. But when those donuts start modafinil buy calling your name, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to opt for a piece of wholemeal bread, even though you know it’s a better choice.

This is because when we are eating as a response to stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, anger or tension, we are more likely looking for relief in the form of food, in which case all thoughts of nutrition fly out the window. This is when you need to pause and ask yourself “What am I really hungry for?” In short you need to understand and address the root cause of your food craving.

Often when we turn to food when we are not hungry, we are really hungry for something deeper inside of us that food will never satisfy. If you are lonely for love and turn to chocolate and cheesecake on a Saturday night when what you really want is a hot date, the goodies are just a band aid, a poor substitute. You turn to cheesecake because it makes you feel loved, comforted and like everything is good, but it still doesn’t help you meet someone special. The root cause of your eating is that you are longing to find love. Of course it’s both Ok and normal to eat a little cake, but it’s when the eating feels like a desperate need and leads to overeating that it becomes an issue.

If you are at home on a Sunday afternoon and feeling bored, angry or tense, grazing your way through the pantry is not going to help you address your boredom, anger or tension. These are all emotions that need to be addressed, because eating doesn’t do anything about really addressing the problem. Emotional eating is one of the major causes of overeating and weight gain, so when you can begin to look a little deeper and identify the root cause of your food attraction, the food loses its power over you. Only then can you begin to feed the real craving.